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Go Football!

Blue Tigers Football
was created to prepare young athletes to face the future with sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, positive aspirations, academic preparedness and confidence. If we teach them positive lessons, such as playing by the rules, our young athletes will learn to live by the rules.

Our program is affiliated with USA Football and our coaches are certified to teach the Heads Up Football curriculum.  This is the path to a safer game.  It’s what parents expect. It’s what athletes deserve. Heads Up Football makes football safety an integral part of our operations with a straightforward, predictable timetable for rolling out the program, certifying coaches and educating parents.  
The players education will include step by step levels of contact, shoulder tackling, correct blocking techniques including BLAST Principles of Contact, SPPAAT Self-Coaching Tool, Bridge and Pillar blocking fit overview and Techniques for better control and improved performance. We will also cover heat acclimatization, hydration, diet, proper rest, overall physical fitness, community outreach, and character development.

The Blue Tigers are a 5th/6th grade community youth football program. 

There will be non-mandatory events throughout the Spring including combines, mini-camps, 7 vs 7 tournament, and speed & agility sessions for those who are available to participate. 

Games will typically be in the Central Ohio area with at least one out of town trip for the regular season.  The Blue Tigers will participate in two post-season tournaments.

- Practice - Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:00p - 8:00p beginning July 5

- Games - Each Saturday beginning August 14

- Tournaments - Two (2) post-season tournament beginning weekend of November 6

Questions about football?  Contact us: [email protected]