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Blue Tigers
participants will receive the best coaching and personal training from coaches and volunteers who themselves have achieved success at the highest levels of football.  Blue Tigers coaches bring several decades of experience, adhere to industry best practices through third party certifications (i.e. USA Football certification programs, NAYS Coaching Certification), and provide families a safe, innovative and educational environment to help young players recognize and learn life lessons.

The guiding principle of our Blue Tigers is a nom-profit 501(c)(3) youth football program designed to create a positive innovative atmosphere that enables player and personal development in a competitive environment, while stressing the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline for the young players that participate. In addition, we work on promoting a family friendly atmosphere that allows the players to play and the coaches to coach, and the fans to cheer.

Rickey Smith - Head Coach - receivers, defensive backs

Mike Shivers - Assistant Coach - quarterbacks, linebackers

Brad Holloway - Assistant Coach - offensive and defensive lineman

Mike McCreary - Assistant Coach - running backs, offensive and defensive lineman

Tajh Mack - Assistant Coach - receivers, linebackers, defensive backs

Mike Vaughn - Assistant Coach - running backs, linebackers